Jay’s Metal Products Ltd. is a Canadian owned and Calgary based industry leader in metal fabrication. We have been supplying Western  Canada with high quality ASTM A924 roll-formed steel roofing and siding solutions since 2010. At Jay’s Metal we are committed to providing sustainable materials with superior performance. Our materials come from 95% recycled steel with colors, textures and styles inspired by modern contemporary designs.

A strong commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive pricing is what sets us apart from competitors. Our 100,000 sq/ft facility, equipped with state-of-the-art CNC technology allows us to create and form over 20 different profiles of products along with hundreds of custom and standard flashing profiles. With the commitment to provide orders on schedule and maintaining production times to as little as one week, we have established a reputation for quality and dedication.

The Roll-Forming Advantage

Roll-forming consists of a uniquely placed rolling line with incremental bending to a continuously fed strip of metal  requiring little human monitoring due to CNC self-feeding technology.
Quality: As the product is roll-formed, there is little room for distortions through the uniform bends of the roll-forming machines. The finished product turns out more consistent, with tighter tolerances and extreme precision.
Flexibility: Roll-forming allows for a sheet of metal with pre-existing factory applied paint to be formed into complex forms.
Production Times: CNC self feeding machines are able to produce 5-500ft per minute, allowing Jay’s Metal to be an industry leader on production timing.
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